Delivering Value

When you create value, people pay attention

From the very beginning of Minimal™, we focus in delivering value. There are just to many BLA-BLA consulting services out there. Many times we call them as “potential client”, simulate a need and ask them to see if they can help us. Is amazing to see how many flops and self-nominated “consultants” exists. In Chile we call this guys ” Chantas ”

Be careful. If your selected “consultant” don´t deliver you value at the very first meeting, ask for a refund. Your time as a client is invaluable, and monetize this meeting is the first act we recommend to do. For example, we charge to meet. Is a low fee and the client pay upfront. But with this methology, the meeting is really serious, nobody waste time and if we impress you at the very beginning, you will find that this fee is actually quite cheap.

Other fact that we love in Minimal™, is that all of our clients and prospects came to us referred. We expend in some digital marketing from time to time, but we really hate it. There is no better way to be notice in this jungle, that be referred. Somewhere we read about this, and the article says that a referred client is 7x times more powerful than any 500 USD campain online with the best keywords and tactics. We start humble, we still are, but organic growth is what we enjoy doing. One step at a time.

Also, did you notice that we are in Chile, South America, Patagonia, Penguins, El Niño Current and so on. Why we write in English instead of homeland language Spanish ? Excellent Question !!! and just like all we do, we have a simple and powerful answer for this.

If you know English, meaning you really read, speak and write, you are at the top of our target clients.

What about the rest ? Well, we still can help. You always can traslate this post into whatever language you choose, but seriously, the real answer is that English is Universal. Spanish is also important, but with this quick tactic, we can expand our reach instead of focus just in LATAM. We have been around for 5 years now, and we are happy to say that most of our clients are not from Chile. The other reason to write in English, is to keep us busy practicing our grammar, so if you find typing errors, we will fix them as soon as we can. We apologize upfront.

So what about if you contact us in Spanish ? Well, we reply in Spanish. Idem in English. What about any other language ? We´ll seriously try to contact you in the best way we can.

We aim to deliver value from day 1, so we invite you to look around the site, see what we do and ask us whatever you want. If we can help you to be more productive at work, in Minimal™ we know a few things that maybe you want to implement in your own endeavors. Saludos !