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Las 8 palabras persuasivas que ayudan a vender más

Cuando queremos diseñar campañas de marketing, avisos, artículos y en realidad, cualquier medio que nos permita vender más de nuestros productos y servicios, la creatividad no tiene límites. Todos hemos visto buenas y malas campañas. Pero cómo sabemos ésto ? En simple… midiendo y esperando que la inversión se pague con los dedos cruzados.

A Brand New Design

After 8 years focusing in delivering value, the web page formely know as, just was abandon for a greater cause. CLIENTS !!!

Since all of our customers came referred, and we are proud to say this, we need it to re-start again as a side project. The first idea was just updating the site with a Premium Theme, but some how this was too laisy. We start to change our logo (For the 3rd. time), choose some really cool new colors, draw what we need it to trash and select the best posts to show. After a long month of killing some serious neurons, we came to the following conclusion: Trash it all, and start all over again. ! Ouch

This is what define us. We are not scare to start over. Is a lot of work, but is worth it. This project took us 6 months and we apply all the design tricks we know. So here is a resume for this project:

  1. We need a Landing Page. Period.
  2. Must be responsive.
  3. We need a brand new logo and color pallete.
  4. The font must be awesome and the info must be crystal clear.
  5. We’ll write all in English. Spanish will be next, but we’ll write some posts under a new Category first.
  6. The site must be an e-commerce too.
  7. We are going to be more active in social media. Facebook & Twitter will be first.
  8. All main valuable content will be free and post it.
  9. Every client will have a dashboard with customize content with login and password.
  10. The site should look and feel as minimal as posible.

So we took some really cool ideas for several premium themes, program some javascript, setup and change every single bit of code and after months of working and test them with clients, here it is. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

Special features mention above, will appear as soon as we are comfortable in our staging site. Then we´ll push it for you. ! Saludos.