Smart Watch. Why the Buzz ?

3 days with a brand new Apple Watch and returned

We are fans of Apple, guilty as charge, but is interesting how the company is just the best in mindchange behavior errand purchases. Cristian, our CEO bought the super-cool-multiwunderbar-ultimate gadget that everybody wants, and here are his comments about the Super Dupper Smart Watch.

Cristian. Does the Watch gives you value ?

For the price tag, NO, but the possibilities of what can actually do are really incredible. In terms of value i bought the USD 399.- Sport Watch. I test the metal version (USD 599.-) and really enjoy how light the sport is. Paying USD 200.- extra, just is not worth it, so save your money. But… watch out !!! all previous prices mentioned are without taxes. Here in Chile, the watch is available since last friday 23th of November, and the set price of USD 399.- is actually aprox. USD 579.71.- with taxes. Yes, with a little bit more of cash, you could actually purchase the metal Watch in the States, but that´s the way it down here. So my tip is DON´T BUY THE WATCH HERE. Buy it on the Apple Online Store, and ask a good samaritan to bring it to you.

So what about the value ? For me the watch is just a Nice to Have gadget after fully wearing and test it for 3 days. The main value was not pulling back my iPhone from the pocket and was nice to just see glances and notifications with Haptic feedback. Unfortunely, there were too many notifications and incoming e-mails that frustrate my concentration during the day. So i turn them off and somehow apps stills bothers me. I´m a super connected individual, but this is an exaggeration. If you receive this Watch as a gift, well, enjoy it until really stress you up.

Cristian. What are your recommendations for this type of gadgets ?

I believe that the world is turning to a hyper connected bias. I read often a lot and i see people getting sick to be online all the time. Is scary, but is cool to communicate instantly. Is a paradox. Men in general loves cool gadgets and expensive toys. I´m one of them, but having too much stuff is just becoming stressful and quite expensive. I have kids and simply there is no better way to enjoy every moment, to talk and play with them outdoors without any gizmos. Memories can´t be erase and i recommend everyone to go out, walk, run, talk, drink wine and simply share stories face to face.

This gadgets are distractions, and you sooner or later will realize that the less technology you have, the best you will feel. In this particular case, the Watch is just not necessary and the cheapest timex will help you see the hour. Your current Smartphone is the ultimate gadget you will ever need, so don´t amplified this reality buying an extension.

Cristian. About the technical stuff that we read, any comments ?

Battery is really and issue in here. Apple claim 18 hrs of battery life. I completely setup my former Watch to all the apps that get notifications. It was really anoying to my wrist and the battery live for about 12hrs in my case. In other words, i put it around 7am and about 8pm the same day, battery life shows me 4%. Wondering when i need to recharge a watch, for me is just another pending task, and what i want is to have less stress during a day.

The Watch really can work without the paired iPhone. You can do some stuff, but the coolest features came with the iPhone in your pocket. If you forget it at home, well… you can imagine. The Watch intencionally was created to be paired.

I have to say that the integration inside the iOS ecosystem is awesome. If you are at home under Wi-Fi, the watch really helps you in some situations, making the experience confortable, but will never replace the iPhone. I even have the iPad at home, so i recommend you to practice the following tip: Less is more.

My Final comments with all the love i have for the brand:

The Watch is a nice to have product. Will not replace your actual analog Watch. You will need to charge it everyday and is a good approach of what is coming next. If you receive the watch as a gift, now you know what you will face. Is really a cool gadget, but in my case, i return to my Automatic Tag Heuer and that´s all i need for my wrist. For the rest, the iPhone is in my pocket.